You Have Never Seen a Traditional Luxury Home Like This Before!

Traditional architecture incorporates some of the most amazing designs you are likely to see, so it is no wonder many luxurious homes opt for this unique style. Villa Kapungkur in Jimbaran is the perfect fusion of elegant traditional and luxury modern styling. The property has so many unique touches, both inside and outside. Come along as we take you around this very special villa in Bali.

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Villa Kapungkur is exclusively managed by The Luxe Nomad.

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Villa Kapungkur in Jimbaran is the perfect home for the trip of a lifetime! The 5-bedroom villa is a spacious private oasis in the South of the island. Beautiful tropical beaches, designer boutiques, and exquisite restaurants are within easy reach of Kapungkur Village. Guests are treated to a warm five-star service by the experienced team, consisting of a villa manager, your private chef, and a housekeeping team to keep your villa clean and tidy.

Villa Kapungkur is the ideal destination for those who want to get lost in the beauty of Bali, immerse themselves in a luxurious holiday lifestyle, and experience the famous warm hospitality, history, and culture of our beloved unique and tropical island.

The luxury home boasts 5 bedrooms. The master bedroom, Joglo, features a traditional Javanese four-poster bed. The authentic and eclectic gebyok room is named for its ancient hand-carved door. The third room, Limasan, has a unique design implicative of a traditional Javanese house, mixing modern comforts with antique furniture.

The flourishing garden area of the luxury villa features a central outdoor pool. Equipped with a private waterfall, the pool and outdoor space is an oasis with high-end facilities and antique charm. Tucked in a quiet corner by the pond you’ll find a spa bale. This is the perfect spot for you to unwind with beauty treatments and Balinese massages. The villa has a unique waterfall that cascades through bougainvillea plants into the 20-meter swimming pool.

Filmed, edited and produced by Balitecture, Bali, Indonesia.

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