Young Millionaire Shares His Advice – Iman Gadzhi

Young Millionaire Shares His Advice – Iman Gadzhi

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If I was starting out,
if I was broke or I had very little money.
If I had 5000$ in the bank account.
And it was possible.
Now I understand for a lot of you guys,
you have family to deal with,
you have
a girlfriend to deal with,
you have
this to deal with, that to deal with…
I understand.
But if you can,
book a ticket out to Austria,
book a ticket out to some remote place in America,
book a ticket out to Iceland.
Book a ticket out and stay for 3 months in a place which is super cheap.
So you can get some
sh*tty apartment in the centre of Austria
or if you wanna go to even maybe like the centre of Barcelona,
you could get a decent place,
whatever it may be.
And just be with yourself for 3 months.
Get away from your friends,
get away from the day to day activities that you’re doing
which aren’t bringing you the results you want.
Get away from
your family that’s maybe whispering in your ear
that this is a terrible idea.
You need to like, just be isolated.
And guys you could just sacrifice 3, 4 months in isolation.
Just being on your own, working on this thing
that’s gonna literally provide you for the rest of your life.
That would be my advice for someone starting out,
because I honestly think that’s the most important thing.
I think isolation is
where you grow and I think so many people
these days
with social media and television and Youtube
and all these distractions
and things are just meant
to make sure that we never have to deal with being alone with ourselves.
And I think that’s the scariest thing for everyone
is just having some alone time.
You know, the way I can tell usually
and there are outliers, there are people that this doesn’t apply for.
Usually the way I can tell someone isn’t successful is if
their attention span is short.
If they’re constantly on their phone.
This is something I struggle with too,
considering that like I run businesses on my phone,
I have so much money on my phone.
But I can tell when someone doesn’t have those times
where they’re just alone with themselves
or doesn’t do some sort of mindfulness practise or reading or anything that…
usually I can tell that they’re broke.
This world, the people that can focus
are the ones that employ the ones that can’t.
Because the ones that can’t need direction
and need someone to show them exactly what to do.
So, guys really as I said.
If I was starting out and I had even 3000$, 4000$, 5000$,
let alone let’s say even going getting your own place.
I would go, say I have relatives in like Russia or something like that which I do.
I ask them and I’m like, “look can I crash with you for 2 months.”
If you moved away from your parents,
go live back with your parents for something like 2, 3 months in their basement.
Find a way, make it work.
But for me, the key would be isolation and going like,
“for 3 months I am gonna lock myself in a room and make this happen.”
I think you should use hate
as a motivator when you first begin.
You know the whole like, “f*ck the haters” type thing?
I think you should use that in the beginning.
I think you should be driven by like
materialistic bullsh*t at the beginning.
I think you should be driven by fear.
Look when I first started entrepreneurship,
the reason I started all this was completely out of fear.
Fear for what would happen in the future for me and my mom if I didn’t do this.
If I did not
start a business, if I didn’t start entrepreneurship.
I was just so sh*tscared of what was gonna happen in the future that
that lit a fire on under my ass, every single day.
I think the advice,
don’t use motivation like prove them wrong and stuff like that,
I think that’s wrong.
When you’re first starting and you need to take action,
I think the best way to take action is to get fired up. Get angry.
Get fired up, get angry and then take that energy and put that into your business,
put that into whatever you’re trying to create.

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