How luxury brands do marketing | 24 Anti-Laws of Marketing

Luxury brands are normally mysterious and one of a kind. But how do they build up dreams and a high reputation among consumers? In this episode, you would understand more about the luxury marketing strategy via my personal analysis based on a book called “The Luxury Strategy”.

24 anti-laws of marketing |
1. Forget about positioning; luxury is not comparative.
2. Does your product have enough flaws to give it soul?
3. Don’t pander to your customers’ wishes.
4. Keep non-enthusiasts out.
5. Don’t respond to rising demand.
6. Dominate the client.
7. Make it difficult for clients to buy.
8. Protect clients from non-clients, the big from the small.
9. The role of advertising is not to sell.
10. Communicate to those whom you are not targeting.
11. The presumed price should always seem higher than the actual price.
12. Luxury sets the price; price does not set luxury.
13. Raise your prices as time goes on, in order to increase demand.
14. Keep raising the average price of the product range.
15. Do not sell.
16. Keep stars out of your advertising.
17. Cultivate closeness to the arts for initiate.
18. Do not relocate your factories.
19. Do not hire consultants.
20. Do not test.
21. Do not look for consensus.
22. Do not look after group synergies.
23. Do not look for cost reduction.
24. Do not sell openly on the Internet.

The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands:

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