EVERYTHING You Need to KNOW about PRIVATE JET & NEW BANK Update (Roblox Jailbreak)

Everything is new and watch to find out everything about NEW BANK & PRIVATE JET update!
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The Million dollar dealership is moving and to the new city. Why? I will explain in this video! You can expect many more exciting features will come to the Crater City!

Jailbreak May 2022 update will come with a brand new Private Jet that you can fly across the map in short time. It is the utlimate experience of the luxury life that few can enjoy. But now you will have it in Roblox Jailbreak.

ASIMO is revamping the entire bank robbery. I guess we should have known this since the Live Event has destroyed the bank. New Bank is the next great thing to come to Jailbreak.

ASIMO has decided to leave WALLBANG SHOT with game changing effect. You may or may not like it depends on the type of player you are. Regardless, this new feature will be great addition to Roblox Jailbreak!

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music credits:
outro music: Chimez – Dan Henig


Jailbreak Crater City is growing:
💰 The 1M Store has moved! With an all new design!
🎯 New Weapons Store option within Crater City!
🏁 New Garage building near the shore!

Jailbreak PvP Combat Change Update:
🎯 Hit Indicators! Discover where you’re being shot from!
💥 Wallbang shots will now be official! Deal reduced damage to chase people out of hiding spots!
📍 Blinking player markers when firing a weapon!

Jailbreak New Bank:
👆 New: Going Up! Our 9th bank robbery!
🪂 All new escape! Exclusive to our newest floor
💵 New main lobby with additional entries!
🏦 New larger building exterior!

Jailbreak Private Jet:
🚀 – FAST TRAVEL JETS! Book a private flight to quickly travel around the map!
💰 – New Bank and new Bank Vault: Upper Management!
🕺 – New Crater City stores: 1M Store, Garage & Gun Store!
🎯 – Damage direction indicators!
👋 – Plus many other changes and improvements! Use code “PrivateJet” for 10,000 cash! Enjoy!

Jailbreak Trading
* Jailbreak limited item trading
* Jailbreak torpedo trade
* How to trade in Jailbreak?
* Jailbreak Trading System
* Jailbreak Trading Tips
* Jailbreak Trading Value List
* Everything You Need about Jailbreak Trading

Jailbreak Season 9 Grand Prize
* Jailbreak JackRabbit
* Jailbreak Season 9 JackRabbit
* Is Jailbreak JackRabbit Worth it?

Jailbreak Season 9 Rewards:
* Level 2: The TRAVEL CASE by @ObviouslyPurple
* Level 3: The PICNIC TABLE by @DingoDoggo2
* Level 4: 100% Rocket Fuel reload
* Level 5: IRON ROCK Rims by @DydyWasTaken
* Level 6: BEADLOCK Rims by @Zewo_Tsu
* Level 7: GLIDER WING Spoiler by @SpeedQue3n
* Level 8: THE JACKRABBIT Congratulations @oof_ed
* Level 9: The BIKE RACK Spoiler
* Level 10: The OLD TOWN ROAD Vehicle Skin
* Top 5%: 🌵 The CUCARACHA HORN!

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