DOLLAR STORE travel hacks | cheap PACKING tips & essentials

DOLLAR TREE TRAVEL HACKS | DIY packing tips & cheap travel items

In today’s video, I’ll share my favourite cheap travel products from the dollar store (Dollarama, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc.). These travel essentials will help you pack for vacation while staying on a budget.

0:00 – Dollar store travel hacks
0:30 – Multiple uses for a gallon-sized Ziploc bag
0:52 – Quart-sized is always handy too!
1:02 – Perfect for pre-packing liquids to get through security
1:16 – Plastic straw hack for necklaces
1:28 – Travel tubes are the perfect size for TSA check
1:39 – Contact Lens containers uses – not just for contacts
2:04 – Balloons as extra security for liquids
2:16 – No balloons? Saran wrap works well here too
2:27 – Dryer sheet – keep clothes fresh in your luggage
2:38 – Paper clip bear claws – toothbrush stand
3:06 – Oven mitt for hair curler/straightener
3:25 – Zip ties – TSA-friendly locks for luggage

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