Chris Record – LIFE OF AN ENTREPRENEUR RAP (Official Music Video)

Life of an Entrepreneur Official Music Video by Chris Record in the style of Starboy by the Weekend. Subscribe for more at

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This music video shares the TRUE STORY of Chris Record hitting rock bottom with a negative bank account and a 485 credit score, then finding a mentor and building up a business that generates millions of dollars online.

This clean remix is not a starboy parody, but rather it was created in the style of Starboy with an original beat made and original lyrics written and rapped by Chris Record. The goal of this song is to offer an Entrepreneur Anthem for all of of the entrepreneurs that are hustling and grinding and doing whatever it takes to succeed. This version is clean with no cuss words and offers a positive motivational inspirational rap song for everyone.



Fresh new whip
and the color’s orange
Stocked up fridge
like a scene from cribs

Sunset views
and the weeks don’t end
Traveling the world
with a few best friends

Facebook ads
and the money’s passive
Instagram ads
to bring more traffic

Snapchat vids
with the orange hat kids
In the audience
we all want success

We don’t care
about the obstacles
And the haters that keep saying
it’s impossible

All I know is that
we gotta go
Level up our lifestyle
if we love the game

Livin the life
the life of an entrepreneur

Success leaves clues
Knowledge is the key
So equip with the right tools

Mindset mastery,
millionaire mentality
Focus on your inner game,
perception is reality

Always make sure that you’re
following your passion
Rise and grind and
take massive action

Stay true to the game,
daily with persistence
Following your game plan,
gotta stay consistent

when you feel a little bit of fear
Coming from the voice up inside your ear
Telling you the struggles of your past year
Stay focused on your purpose and why you’re here

Livin the life
the life of an entrepreneur

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Life Of an Entrepreneur Part 2:

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