Alan Mendelson & Luxury Perfume is a worldwide distributor of perfume and colognes and specialty products and now it has three Los Angeles outlets. offers online discounts to the general public and to businesses and to consumers who want to start up their own perfume and fragrance business. Or you can buy perfume and colognes for yourself. Buy a lot or just buy for yourself. You can order at wholesale prices and sell to your co-workers or to your neighbors or at swap meets or set up your own online store.

Go to their website to find all of their newest and classic fragrances for sale including those by Paris Hilton, Fifty Cent, Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and more.

The main Luxury Perfumes outlet store is at 523 South Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. There is a second outlet store called Starlux at 800 South Los Angeles Street. And a third outlet store is in Huntington Park at 7130 Pacific Boulevard. For information call (877) SCENT LA.

Remember you are buying authentic fragrances and you should be aware that a lot of counterfeit merchandise is being sold in the marketplace. Watch our April 2010 video below.

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